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New! Jeff Chandler, Owner, Partners In Wellness LLC - I hired Administrative Solutions to do my bookkeeping over a year ago. Recently when my CPA prepared my tax eturn, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had saved a bundle. I am an owner of various small businesses; and as such, this is huge! I highly recommend Dee and Ed Stofko if you are a small business owner looking for bookkeeping services. They are honest, efficient and high-effective.

Renee Reed, Owner, Anytime Fitness  I met Dee at an Oak Cliff Women In Business  event months before, and immediately thought of her when I purchased a new business in August.  I knew I'd have my hands full and wanted a professional to handle my bookkeeping.  This is one of the best decisions I have ever made!  She got me set up on QuickBooks online, Texas Workforce Commission, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, and all the other things that I'd rather avoid!  Because she is accessible via text, email, and phone, we communicate easily and get things done on time.  This frees me up to do what I do best while she does what she does best.  It's a win-win!
      Dee is organized, efficient, smart, and kind - just the person you need to keep your business on track.  I highly recommend Administrative Solutions!"

Ron Kennedy, NYLIFE Agent  Our office is utilizing their services monthly. Each month we know our records are accurate and in order.
Yearly filings along with any monthly and quarterly payments to the IRS are very precise thanks to their assistance with our record keeping.
We appreciate the prompt reliable personal and affordable service the team provides us.
       Consider the ability to use your time in your business, let others organize it.

Sarah Aberg   I am thoroughly satisfied with the excellent services provided by Dee and Ed at Administrative Solutions for my small business. They have provided fast and dependable support for two years that allows me to focus on my clinical work and not worry about my financial record keeping. Dee is prompt, efficient, and always positive. They are a pleasure to work with!
      Sarah Aberg, LCSW-S
      1409 S. Lamar #416
      Dallas, TX 75215

Chris Pick, ProctectUs Security    Before using Administrative Solutions we didn't know whether or not many of the payments we collected were hitting the bank . We also were managing our business success by the bank account. Now our money is accounted for and I am able to better measure and manage our business accordingly. Thanks for the help!

Lily Smith-Kirkley    Dee and Ed of Administrative Solutions are wonderful! In one four-hour session, Dee taught me the basics of QuickBooks; and with her assistance from afar, I've managed my own books for the past year. I call on Dee when I have questions and she is always patient, willing to help and able to pinpoint what I've messed up. Additionally, Dee and Ed are very active in the local networking community and have introduced me to the local networking group. Generous with their knowledge and time — I cannot recommend Administrative Solutions enough — they are the best!
       Lily Smith-Kirkley
       Lilco Letterpress
       2003 Brundrette Street
       Dallas, TX 75208

Berry R. Cox    “Dee. . .has been my personal assistant for over 20 years.  Dee is capable and efficient, and more importantly, honest.  Dee has a great deal of experience in both personal and business matters and is quite reliable.”

Craig Wideman, CIO  “Dee was my executive assistant for nine years.  She has extensive experience working in a fast-paced corporate environment where she utilized her organizational and time-management skills.  She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to analyze and solve problems.  I highly recommend her.”

Randy James,  Former Director of Acquisitions for a Prestigious Wall Street Hedge Fund   "I've known and/or worked with Dee for over 30 years.  You won't find a more dedicated and responsible person to provide the cost-effective, professional services you need to help run your home or business.

Brad Shoup    "Dee and I worked together from 2007-2011.  She served as administrative assistant to several executives in our office, including me.  She was punctual, well-organized, and juggled her multiple roles well.  Dee also was a pleasure to be around; generally she’s a joyful, humble person with a good sense of humor.  She assisted me with various research needs and was quite capable of finding and recording various types of information in an accurate manner.  She is curious about things and likes to learn.  I think that she had more intellectual capability than I was able to employ.  She handled my travel reservations and expense reports in an accurate manner with minimal input from me, taking a pile of receipts and missing receipts and creating a good record.  For example, if the hotel receipt for a trip was missing, she would recognize it and call the hotel and have them send a receipt, without any prodding from me.  She also cheerfully assisted me with organizing my files every few months, a boring, tedious task that had to be done.  I disliked doing it and she made it tolerable for me."      

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